Are you looking for ways to up your curb appeal in 2019? An inviting driveway can make a huge difference. It is the first thing visitors see, creating a lasting image. A driveway, whether large or small, creates accessibility, is used daily, and is often the first impression to visitors. Your driveway needs to be functional and durable, as well as complement your home’s architectural style and the landscaping around it. A beautiful, brick driveway is the focal point of your home and will be admired by guests and neighbors.

Patios are not usually the first area a visitors sees but nevertheless can help create the overall impression. Patios are used for socializing and dining with friends and family. They also need to be durable and attractive, supplementing your home’s style. For these reasons, we recommend installing and maintaining brick in your driveway and patio. Some of the benefits of using brick:

Clay brick is a time-tested, enduringly popular building material, offering a distinguished aesthetic that complements both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Over time, bricks usually retain their rich, warm color. Bricks are durable, sustaining the weight of vehicles without cracking or becoming damaged. They typically last for years without needing to be replaced.

Stain prevention.
After installation, we seal the area, preventing stains that can occur from oil leaks, spills, or rubber.

Easy to replace.
Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a missing part that doesn’t exist. You can’t just replace the tiny area of the crack or the stain when using concrete as it usually sits in large slabs. When concrete becomes cracked, you need to replace an entire slab, usually resulting in discoloration. Replacing a couple of cracked bricks is as easy as driving to your closest home improvement center.

Brick patio installation and brick driveway installation only take a matter of days and do not disrupt a family’s routine.

Colors and Patterns.
Homeowners love brick’s versatility— countless patterns are possible, from rectangular to round. Bricks come in a variety of colors, so you can select ones that add the final touch to your home’s paint color and overall landscape design.

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