With summer finally here, more and more people are looking to spend time outside in the warm weather. For many, this means taking time to fully landscape their backyards and gardens into a comfortable outdoor retreat. Now is the perfect time to consider some of this year’s hottest outdoor design trends so you can turn your garden into the extra “room” you’ve always wanted to relax and entertain in!

As we came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners greatly desired to interact with nature and preserve the world while still in their homes. Whether for aesthetic or practical purposes, these brought about landscaping trends that saw more comfort, convenience, and color. 

Current Trends in Backyard Design

  • Bringing the Inside, Outside! With most people mainly staying at home over the past two years, it makes sense that people are bringing the comforts of the indoors into their outdoor spaces. Outdoor kitchens, pavilions, fireplaces, and even outdoor TVs have all seen massive growth in popularity over the past year. You may also consider adding heated lamps or outdoor fans into your backyard to control the temperature, regardless of the season. Others are also creating outdoor spaces that can be curtained or screened off to create “private” rooms outside while maintaining a seamless transition from the house to the backyard. 
  • Food and Edible Plants. Homeowners are beginning to want to grow their own food, leading to a rise in home fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens. Growing your produce decreases your carbon footprint and gets the freshest fruits and vegetables. Plus, you can control the growing process using compost for fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers. Most vegetable gardens will be self-contained in raised beds for easier access and improved water drainage. 
  • Green and Purple. Bright purple and clover green are extremely popular this year, as both colors represent rebirth and stability. Green is easy to introduce into your yard with leafy green trees, shrubs, and other plants. We particularly love the look of oak trees to get this leafy green aesthetic! You can also go tropical and plant palm trees for a summery vibe year-round. Surprisingly, purple is also easy to bring into your yard as well. Consider planting petunias, pansies, or verbena flowers to bring shades of purple into your backyard. Other popular colors include bright jewel tones like magenta and orange. 
  • Native Plants and Wildlife. On the other hand, instead of going with the trendiest plants and colors, you may want to add native plants and wildlife into your backyard, so you know your plants can be sustained and flourish within your region’s climate. You’ll never need to worry about your plants getting the right amount of sun or water because they are native to the area. Plus, native plants will attract pollinators, support local wildlife, reduce water usage and erosion, and thrive without fertilizers or pesticides.  
  • Health and Happiness. With life finally returning to normal, people focus on making their homes and yards warm and inviting to promote health and happiness amongst their friends and families. In landscaping and backyard trends, this means designing a space to support entertaining and gathering with your loved ones. Add a fire pit with comfortable outdoor seating (we love outdoor sofas!), ample space for outdoor dining, or even a pool to cool down with friends during the summer. You may also want to incorporate soft lighting and fragrant herbs and flowers to engage all of the senses for a balanced outdoor experience. 

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