Your biggest asset is your HOME! We put so many creative juices into decorating our homes with the latest colors, decorating trends, and following top designers for inspiration. So why not surround it with the perfect landscape design! 

Now that we are past the busy holiday season, we tend to gear our minds to the summer season, including the perfect outside space to entertain! Here are some emerging landscape and garden design trends for 2022. 



There is nothing more soothing and therapeutic than water. Landscape design trends for 2022 are exploding with various types of ponds and waterfalls. The tranquility of a pond and waterfall will add sparkle to your new landscape design. Enhance the atmosphere by bringing your pond and waterfall to life! Lights will illuminate the rippling effect in your pond and the surrounding landscape. Rocks or a retaining wall will add a natural look. Pond plants like creeping jenny will thrive. Coral bells will pop with color! The waterfall will create calming effects! 


Create a unique environment to host guests and entertain your family with a glass of wine on a cool summer night. Next year's landscape designs include creating this unique space by incorporating custom firepits, mood lighting, and patio space for everyone to enjoy. Showcase your landscape design by adding lights along pathways with solar power disks and lanterns. 

  • Firepit. Create a fire pit using unique stone patterns that suit your style and create a natural gathering place to unwind.
  • Lighting. Luminated patios, walkways, and underflow lighting for benches are perfect ways to draw attention to your home, even during the evening hours.
  • Patio: Create a unique space in your yard by adding custom laid stone patios with wooden beam accents.


Let's get wild here! Wild plants not only clean our air, filter water, but when done properly, they will bring you closer to nature, attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and provide shelter for other small animals. Create a beautiful focal point in the yard with these wild plant ideas! 

  • Black-Eyed Susan. This wild garden flower produces nectar that will attract butterflies and draw one's attention to the bright yellow colors. 
  • Windflower. These pure white flowers are spring-blooming perennials that wave in the wind commanding the attention of all around as the sweet scent of nectar carries itself in the wind.
  • Trees. Simply adding trees to your landscape design can help provide shade for you to enjoy your property during those hot sunny days.


"Farm-to-table restaurants" is one of the biggest movements in our restaurant industry. Having an edible garden right outside your home will allow you to harvest fresh vegetables and herbs at the peak of their nutritious value! Nothing tastes better than the freshness from your garden, along with lowering your grocery bill! You can complete almost every meal from your little farm with flavorful ingredients such as basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, chives, mint, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers. Come to the green side & don't forget your rich, healthy soil!

Want to incorporate the 2022 trends into your outdoor oasis? Let the experienced designers at A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design relieve your stress and create the perfect balance of beauty and functionality in your new landscape design! Let your dream become your reality this year - contact us to schedule a consultation today!