Creating a hardscape design can completely transform the curb appeal of your front yard or turn your backyard into the perfect oasis. With the proper hardscape planning and execution, you can have your own stay-cation right in your own backyard! Create a beautiful, comfortable, and relaxing setting right at home that allows you to fully enjoy your property. Follow these pointers to help you pull together a plan and execute it like a professional.

. The most common mistake of do-it-yourself-ers is not preparing the site well to create a solid starting point. This can be a huge mistake. A solid foundation of base material, compacted well, will prevent you from having a sinking wall sink or a patio that settles and heaves in frost.

Focal Points
. Choose a special focal point that will draw the eye and create interest such as beautiful flowering shrubbery, a gracious weeping willow or a stunning outdoor fireplace.

. Color is fun! Play with it! Layer brilliant colors on top of our green grass with brick pathways, color flowers, and vibrant foliage. Make your space inviting and exciting with layers of color.

. Balance is important to keep in mind when choosing the size and scale of plants, trees and other elements such as rocks and boulders. Make each plant or item is large enough to fit with the scale of the landscape, but not so large it overpowers everything else. Also be sure to design a balance between curves and straight lines, for instance with paving and walkways. Avoid everything being in straight lines.

. Awareness of drainage requirements is very important and can prevent problems down the road, especially when planning to add walls, fences or patios. Plan this carefully and avoid ending up with a swamp in your backyard or draining into your neighbor’s yard.

Buy More and Buy Well
. It is a good rule of thumb to buy a little more of everything than you need. If you end up with extra stone, brick, stone or other materials, you can always use any extra for edging flower beds or adding stepping stones to bring more interest to your hardscape.

Call in the Experts

If you’re overwhelmed or not sure what the best design is for your yard, it is always best to consult with the experts. They often will have a bigger, broader and more detailed vision than you from their years of experience and training.

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