Do you want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood? You know the one. The full and lush green grass turns the heads of every visitor and dog walker that comes along. 

Achieving the lawn of your dreams isn't out of your reach. If you learn a few basics, you will be able to maintain and enjoy a lush green lawn all summer long!

Early Summer

Start by watching the temperatures for the best time to fertilize your grass. Warm-season grass grows best at 70 degrees, so fertilizing around that temperature can make your grass more resistant to heat and drought.

Next, mow with sharp blades to give your lawn a clean cut. In early summer, keep the grass a bit taller. Taller grass will provide more shade, keeping weeds from germinating. 

Speaking of weeds, act fast to kill established weeds before they spread. You can hand pull the weeds or use a targeted post-emergent herbicide to eliminate the blooming weeds.

Mid to Late Summer

Keeping your grass healthy through mid-summer requires regular watering, at least once or twice a week. Early morning is the best time to water because it will beat the sun, which will dry out that moisture. Evening watering can lead to mold and fungus because without the sun to dry it up; the water stands on your lawn overnight. Test to ensure you water your lawn enough by sticking a screwdriver into the ground. If you meet a lot of resistance, you need to water more.

Be aware that it is possible to overwater your lawn. Soil that is too wet can deprive the roots of oxygen and makes them more susceptible to disease. If the weather forecast calls for rain, let Mother Nature do the work of watering. 

Once your watering schedule is on point, most of the summer will be on autopilot for your grass. If you can, avoid fertilizing the lawn during the summer months. Fertilizer promotes the grass's growth, which takes up a lot of energy. The grass is already consuming more energy than it produces, so skip the fertilizer, and you won't put more stress on your lawn.

Finally, be prepared for the dreaded drought that often comes with the hot summer months. Increasing your watering to help maintain growth and avoid mowing during this stressful time for your lawn. Once it rains, wait for the yard to dry out before mowing to prevent clumping.

Your Partner in Lawn Maintenance

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