A new patio design or an upgrade to your current patio can quickly turn a boring backyard into an elaborately decorated outdoor feature. The perfect spot to relax, entertain and cook, patios are making a comeback at all stages of the market. These outdoor improvements maximize living and entertainment space without dramatically impacting a homeowners pocketbook. And, not only can you utilize the space for wining and dining while you are living in your home, but when it comes time to sell your place, your patio can make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

What's So Great About a Patio?

So you know that building a patio may increase the value of your home, but is it worth the investment? According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, a patio is listed as one of the top 10 features homebuyers look for. That means people will pay a premium for a home with a well-built and well-maintained patio. Having a patio means your living space transcends the walls of your home. On a nice day, an outdoor sitting area is steps from your door. You can invest in some practical patio furniture or set up lounge chairs and take a break from your busy schedule without going too far. Patios also allow you to take your cooking out of the kitchen. Throw some burgers on the grill and enjoy a pleasant evening in your backyard.

Dos and Don'ts of Building a Patio

Don’t build a patio that doesn't fit with the rest of your property. For example, a huge patio in a small yard leaves little green space and will make your property less attractive. Just as a very large yard with a very small patio will not look proportional either. Your patio should not be a standalone structure. You want it to be close to an entry in and out of the house, and strategically located by the ‘right door’ - only 15 to 30 steps away from the kitchen area so that prepared foods can be quickly brought into the house from the patio.  

A professionally built patio is a worthwhile investment. Patios are viewed as an appealing feature because they offer an additional living and entertaining space without the need for heating, cooling, or costly maintenance throughout the year. And after all, a nicely constructed patio can transform your yard from a boring bland space into a beautiful paradise.

If you are looking to create a unique outdoor living space, or simply liven up your existing landscape, let the designers at A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design work with you to create the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. From garden walls and plantings to brick patios and outdoor kitchens, we use only the best materials and always guarantee our work. For more information on how to beautify your yard with landscape design, please visit our website, or call 847.224.2167.