The poet Edgar Allan Poe once said, “Sound loves to revel in the summer night.”  We think that Poe was onto something as our outdoor sound packages are very popular!  

Can we dare (for a second) amend the nineteenth-century poet’s quote by adding “Sound and light love to revel in the summer night“?

Among popular home improvement projects, today is the outdoor speaker system installation. Designated to provide excellent acoustics to audio-loving homeowners, outdoor speakers are placed within the landscape of one’s home.

Imagine having a great summer barbeque and being able to listen to your favorites whether it’s The Rolling Stones, Tchaikovsky, or a CD from a local jazz band? Outdoor speakers give you the opportunity to enhance the great outdoor party.  However, you can’t just take any kind of speaker, plop it down on your patio, and hope for the best.

A professional installation will include reviewing your property, strategically planning a customized audio system,  and enhancing the outdoor sound quality. Our goal is to install an audio system that remains aesthetically pleasing, raising the value of your property.  We ensure that new and ever-changing technologies stay current and perform at the highest level. There are many packages available that include Acoustiscape landscape speakers, an amplifier, a SubTerrain subwoofer, and the optional soundbar.

While not a required element in a summer entertainment dance, landscape lighting is appreciated and can only enhance an already great evening.  When the night falls well placed lighting can really pop and greet your guests. A soft filtered light along a path meets your guests with a sense of welcome or a warmly lit patio puts your guests at ease and gives them a sense of welcome.

We can add to your nighttime curb appeal and give your home a more upscale look with ease.  Well chosen landscape lighting can bring your home’s evening look to a higher level, while making the outdoors safer by illuminating pathways,  porches, and patios.

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