When you think of beautiful landscaping for your home, the first thing you usually think of are the plants, shrubs, flowers and other garden elements that make up the bulk of your outdoor space. Whether you want to enhance your backyard living space with a color garden oasis or have your front walkway make a statement with beautiful shrubbery,  A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design can help you design and build an amazing landscape on your property.

Softscape vs. Hardscape

Landscape design has two basic components: softscape and hardscape. When used together, they create a functional, comfortable, and beautiful front yard or backyard for your family and friends to enjoy throughout the year.

Softscape elements are the “plant” materials of your landscape such as the lawn, trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and succulents. Hardscape refers to the “non-plant” aspects of your landscape such as patios, decks, walkways, outdoor structures (i.e. pergolas), and retaining walls. Basically, softscape is a combination of living and animated parts of your yard while hardscape is the permanent structures. 

Softscape Services

Tree & Plant Installation

Our team at A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design takes pride in designing and installing plantings that add beauty and character to your current landscape. In partnership with area nurseries, we use only the best plant materials and have them expertly installed into your yard. From annuals and perennials to deciduous trees and ornamental grasses, we create a gorgeous yard with year-round color that you and your family will love. 

Turf Care

If you’re dreaming of having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, we can help! We can keep your yard weed-free, hydrated, and looking its best with our landscape maintenance packages. Additionally, we offer affordable seasonal and one-time fertilizer packages as well as watering services to ensure your lawn is receiving the care it needs. 


Yearly aeration provides many benefits for your lawn including improved fertilizer use, improved water drainage, deeper root growth, and enhanced ability to handle hotter conditions during the summer. Fall is the best  time to aerate your lawn, as the cooler temperatures allow for increased growing ability and lawn recovery. 


Often overlooked, mulch is an integral part to your landscape. Mulch provides nutrients to the soil that  allow your plantings to receive necessary nourishment. It also reduces the need for watering by helping the soil retain moisture. Installing mulch in combination with shovel-edged tree rings around your plantings offers protection from lawn equipment as well as unwanted weeds. 

Turf Installation

Whether you want seed or sod, we have  the experience to give you a great looking lawn. We utilize several turf strategies to suit any type of area including high traffic, sunny, shaded, wet, or dry.

If you’re looking to liven up your outdoor landscape, you’ve come to the right place. A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design has the design and installation experience needed to give you a great looking yard. Ready to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood? Give us a call at (847) 224-2167 or (262) 287-7600 and we’ll help you make it happen!