With the holidays just around the corner, spring landscaping is probably among the last things on your mind. There are gifts to buy, rooms to decorate, and meals to plan, plus preparing your home for our harsh, snowy winters. 

However, now is the perfect time to start planning your landscaping projects for spring. Timing is so important for your landscape design plans, and starting now will give you the best advantage when the snow thaws and weather warms up.

Projects Take Time

With an area as large as your backyard, your landscape designer requires time to carefully assess your property and design a landscape that is best for your budget and aesthetic needs. Since winter tends to be slower than other times of the year, there’s extra time to discuss any design revisions or issues that may come up without impacting the original project timeline. Then, once spring returns, we can start on your project so it can be completed on schedule - allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space as soon as possible!

Identify Potential Issues

When the flowers and leaves are out of the way, our team can quickly evaluate the health of a tree, uncover any existing drainage issues, identify damage along retaining walls or the foundation of your house, and assess your overall landscape. Before the snow falls, we can plainly see your existing soil, mulch, yard, and hardscapes. With a clear view of your landscape, we can better formulate a design plan. 

Start on Permit Process

In many municipalities, building or construction permits are necessary before we start your project. With the increase in permit requests and shift to online applications due to COVID-19, the wait time for a permit can be four to six weeks or longer. By applying for a permit during the winter, you bypass the busy season and expedite the process. You’ll have your permit in hand by the time the weather starts warming up, so we can begin work on your landscaping project early in the season. 

Select Your Materials

By starting the planning process now, your landscape designer will be able to order and secure your desired building materials and plantings for your project before the start date. Waiting until spring may mean you may not get the materials or plant species you want or need. By determining your landscaping needs now, you have the first choice from the full range of possibilities. 

Get on the Schedule

Spring is the busiest time for landscaping companies. In many cases, designers have the first two months of their schedule filled up before the spring thaw. Unfortunately, waiting means your projects may have to wait until late spring or early summer. 

By scheduling your consultation and planning ahead, you’ll have your permits approved and work completed early in the season. Not only will your yard look beautiful with freshly planted shrubs and flowers, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the nice weather spring and summer has to offer in your renewed outdoor oasis. 

Trust A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design

If you’re looking to create a unique outdoor living space, or simply liven up your existing landscape, let the experts at A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design create the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. Whether you are partial to brick or natural stone, firepits or fireplaces, gazebos or pergolas, and anything else you can dream of, our design team will create the luxury outdoor living space that you’ve always dreamed of!

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