Cool, crisp mornings. Kids back in school. Smells of warm apple cider. Leaves changing color. Fall has finally arrived!

However, the changing of the seasons doesn’t mean you’re done with lawn maintenance. A proper lawn clean-up is crucial to ensure your outdoor space looks great next spring. 

Not sure of where to start? Here are five things you can do now get your lawn ready for 2021.

Removal of Leaves

The colorful leaves may look beautiful when hanging from the trees, but they can damage your lawn if left laying on the grass. When leaves pile up, your lawn is deprived of oxygen and much-needed sunlight. Moisture can also be trapped under the leaves, causing fungal issues. The longer the leaves remain on your lawn, the greater the damage to your grass. 

To avoid preventable damage, mow, rake, or blow our leaves on a regular basis. If you don’t see your lawn through the fallen leaves, your grass will not grow. 

Repurpose Your Leaves

Instead of bagging your leaves and disposing of then, why not do something good for your lawn and the environment and recycle them into compost? Adding compost to your garden supports microbial growth and creates fertile soil. Home composting is also less expensive and better quality than the store-bought variety. Creating your own compostt is relatively simple. Choose a location in your yard approximately three square feet wide and purchase a compost bin from a local hardware or lawn maintenance store. Pile your leaves and food scraps (i.e. fruit or vegetable remnants) into the bin. Allow the mixture to sit for a few weeks, turning the mixture every couple of weeks. You’ll know when your compost is ready if it smells like soil. 

Keep on Mowing

With fall upon us (and winter isn’t far behind), it’s normal to want to store the lawnmower for the season. However, your lawn will continue to grow until the first hard frost, so your lawn will need to be mowed regularly to keep it at an ideal height (2.5-3 inches). Both grass that is too long or too short will result in lawn issues. If it’s too long, your lawn is susceptible to snow mold and other fungi. If it’s too short, your lawn will not be protected from the winter cold. Mowing the lawn regularly also helps with the removal of leaves. If you don’t bag them, you’re left with natural, soil-enhancing mulch for your lawn. 

Don’t Forget To Fertilize

If you only fertilize your lawn once per year, fall is the best time to do so. Fertilizer is an essential competency for a thick and healthy lawn.  It not only provides the necessary nutrients for deep root growth in the fall, but it also ensures these nutrients are kept on reserve for the start of the spring growing season. 

Aerate Away

Fall is the ideal time to aerate your lawn, as the cooler temperatures allow for increased growing ability and lawn recovery. Yearly aeration provides many benefits for your lawn including improved fertilizer use, reduced soil compaction, improved water drainage, deeper root growth, and enhanced ability to handle hotter conditions come summer. 

Your lawn should be aerated just before you fertilize, as this allows the fertilizer to better reach your lawn’s roots. 

Remember: Proper lawn care in the fall will result in a healthy lawn in the spring!

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