Are you looking to make a statement? How about having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood? A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design has the experience needed to give you a great looking lawn. Here are some techniques and strategies to keep your grass looking green and healthy. 


One way to get your lawn growing thick and green is by using fertilizer. Fertilizer has nutrients in it that the grass needs to grow. Some of these major nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen helps your grass grow greener, phosphorus is responsible for good root growth, and potassium helps prevent disease. You can check to see if your fertilizer has these nutrients by checking for NPK on the package. 

At A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design we offer seasonal fertilizer packages, as well as one-time applications for when you just need that little boost. Let us keep your yard weed-free and looking its best with an array of kid and pet-friendly herbicides. We strongly recommend that you leave chemical use to the professionals! Too much fertilizer or herbicide can kill your lawn and “good” insects like bees and ladybugs.

Core Aeration 

Core aeration provides good value for your money, loosening soil compaction, and getting more air and water to the roots of the grass. It also allows the turf to absorb fertilizer more efficiently.


Another great way to keep grass healthy and full is dethatching. Thatch builds up right above the soil, blocking out water and fertilizer. By removing the thatch, we can help your lawn breathe easier, and become fuller.


One of the most obvious techniques to keep your lawn full and green is by regular watering. Consistent watering will be key to establishing a beautiful lawn free of disease and insect problems. 

When is the best time to water your lawn? The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning. This allows your lawn to take up the water before it gets too hot out. 

Did you know that turf needs about one inch of water each week? Are you keeping up with that? If you’re not able to keep up with consistent watering let us take care of watering for you! We offer water services that are affordable, and keep your flowers, trees, and lawn well hydrated, even in the scorching summer heat.

If you’re looking to put in a new lawn, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to seed or sod, A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design has the experience needed to give you a great looking lawn. We utilize a variety of strategies to suit any type of area; high traffic, sunny, shaded, wet, or dry. Make a statement. Have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. Give A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design a call at (847) 224-2167 or (262) 287-7600 and we’ll help you make it happen!