When it comes to establishing a new lawn, you have three choices: grass seed, sod, or hydroseeding. Traditional grass seeding is the slowest and least reliable method of growing a new lawn, but it’s also the cheapest. Sod is the quickest method of installing a new lawn, but it’s very labor-intensive, requiring a lot of maintenance to get it established. Hydroseeding is right in the middle, combining low costs with rapid results. 

Hydroseeding (also called “hydraulic mulch seeding”) was developed in the 1940s. Still a cost-effective way to establish grass along roads and other commercial properties, hydroseeding is now being used for some residential properties. This advanced lawn-care technique offers several benefits for you and your yard, including:

Better adaptability

A primary benefit of hydroseeded lawns is that you can choose whatever seed blend you’d like to use. This means if you have difficult soil, shade, or other tough conditions, you can choose the varieties of lawn that will best suit your landscape.

Greater disease resistance

Sod is made up of a single type of turfgrass, and any time you plant a single variety of plant, or monoculture, there is greater chance for widespread disease than when you plant a blend of multiple types of turf.

Saves money on large areas

Once your landscaper has set up the hydroseeding machine, it takes very little additional effort to spray lawn over a larger area than a small one. Contrast that with the high material and labor cost to install sod, and hydroseeding is the clear choice for large properties.

More attractive

While sod varieties are often chosen for their ability to withstand sitting in rolls on a pallet, you can choose whatever seed varieties you like when hydroseeding. If you prefer finer-bladed grass, seeding is the way to go.

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