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Hardscape (Patio)


Demo & Excavation Services

A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design is fully equipped to handle any of your demolition or excavation needs. Whether you need our experienced crew to remove your old deck or concrete patio to make room for a new outdoor living space, or you are looking to have an old shed taken out to clear the way for a new vegetable garden, we are here to help. Our fleet of clean, new model excavators and skid loaders have the power to handle your project and our skilled operators make sure it is done efficiently and safely every time.

Walkway / Entryway

An inviting entryway can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal. Whether it is a winding stone path that creates an element of mystery, or an ornate decorative walkway, your home’s entrance is the first thing a guest will see. Let us help you make a lasting first impression with a distinctive and functional brick or natural stone walkway!

Brick Patio

A patio is so much more than just a place to set your patio furniture and grill. A patio should be an extension of the home, and an artistic expression of your family’s style. It can be a destination for family dinners, a barbecue with friends, or a night around the bonfire roasting s’mores.

Did you know?? A well designed and constructed patio can add significant value to your home!

The possibilities are endless, so tell us how you like to relax, spend time with family, and entertain your guests, and our team will create a beautiful and unique space that you can enjoy for years to come.

Natural Stone

When looking to create a more rustic feel, natural stone can be used for your patio, walkway, walls, or steps. It can also be used as a veneer for walls, grill islands, fireplaces or other structures.

Natural Stone comes in many colors, sizes, and textures making it easy to find a product for almost any taste and application. The irregular shape of natural stone lends itself to limitless pattern options and a truly unique design.

Natural Stone can even be used in landscaping beds as outcroppings, boulders, steppers, or decorative edging.

Outdoor Structures

Your outdoor living space doesn’t have to stop at ground level! A backyard can truly become like an addition to your home; with possibilities such as a grill island, a wood-fire pizza oven with wet bar, water features, a fire pit, or a fireplace. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Our skilled craftsmen can create a space that will draw your family outside and keep them together throughout the day. A beautiful outdoor kitchen shaded by a pergola provides you with an ideal space to entertain family and friends for a mid-day BBQ or evening cocktails. The sound of flowing water adds tranquility to the environment as you roast marshmallows around the bonfire.

Brick Driveway

A driveway, whether large or small, creates accessibility for your home and is probably used every day! It needs to be functional and durable, as well as complement your home’s architectural style and the landscaping around it. A beautiful brick driveway is the statement piece for your home and will be admired by guests and neighbors.

Tell us your budget and design goals, and we will work together to create a stunning, safe, and practical work of art that welcomes your guests.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be structural or decorative or both, but whatever the case, it needs to be installed properly to ensure safety and longevity.

A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design installs all retaining walls in accordance with the specifications set by the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI). This means that we do not cut corners, because we know that your safety, and your investment, depends on it. We have been trained and certified through ICPI so that we can provide a product that not only looks phenomenal, but will stand the test of time.

There are many different material options for retaining walls, ranging from brick and stone, to wood timbers and railroad ties. Set up a consultation with one of our experts and we can show you how design and functionality can merge to accomplish your goals.

Lighting & Audio

Outdoor lighting and sound packages are the finishing touches for any outdoor project.

Modern outdoor LED lighting systems are extremely versatile and allow for a wide range of applications. From accent lighting on steps and seat walls, to moon lighting in mature trees, well designed lighting installations can enhance your outdoor living experience and extend your family time spent together outdoors. New technology brings the controls right to your fingertips; systems can be installed with zoning and dimming capabilities, all controlled through your smart phone or tablet. Additionally, low voltage outdoor lights only use 12 volts of electricity (compared to the 110 volts needed for typical indoor lighting) and last 60 times longer...what a great investment!

When you really want to impress your guests there is nothing that can beat the TruAudio outdoor sound package. Imagine enjoying a beautiful evening under the stars while listening to The Rolling Stones on this luxury sound system. There are many packages available that include Acoustiscape landscape speakers, an amplifier, a SubTerrain subwoofer, and optional soundbar.
Not sold yet? Give us a call today, and the design professionals at A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design can set up a demo so that you can see for yourself the beauty and charm that outdoor lighting and sound will add to your property.