Spring is a great time to be proud of our gardens, particularly if we have flowers from spring bulbs. It isn’t, however, the best time to feel great about our lawns.  We may be kicking back because it’s almost summer, but our lawn can be seriously stressed, needing a breath of fresh air.  If you want to get lawn breathing again consider the benefits of aeration and slit seeding to rejuvenate your turf.

Aeration.  Over time, because of age or heavy foot traffic, the underlying thatch of our lawn becomes compressed, making it difficult for the lawn to flourish.  If the soil becomes to compacted or too dense of a layer, it is difficult for air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. This, in turn, weakens the grass, making it vulnerable to weeds and disease.  

Aeration is a process that perforates the soil, breaking it up, allowing air and water to access the roots.  This helps the roots grow deeply, producing a stronger and more vital lawn. Aerating is done with a motorized machine using a row of tines or forks, removing plugs of the grass turf. The holes supply an opening for the nutrients, air, and water.  

Some homeowners are reluctant to aerate because the removed plugs can make a grass some disheveled and unaesthetic. This should not discourage you because the plugs quick dissolve and decompose, making it actually good for your lawn.  

Late spring is beneficial for aerating if the ground is extremely compacted or if there’s an abundance of thin grass.  Later spring is best since weeds have established but before they flower.

Slit Seeding.  Slit seeding lawns is a technique of planting grass seeds that mix dethatching with seeding.  A row of blades, that somewhat resemble stars, penetrate the soil and create slits in the group.  This method opens up the dead grass and old roots. The blades create a row of openings for the seeds. This way the seeds get even and secure contact with the soil, considered a superior way of seeding that spreading seeds over the lawn.  

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