Summer is winding down and soon the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and the warm, rich colors of autumn will descend upon us. Out come the sweaters, evening fires and hot cider on cool nights. Change up your fall landscaping, colors, and textures. Whether you have a condominium with a small yard or a larger piece of property, it’s gratifying to change with the seasons and have fun with these creative fall landscaping ideas and tips.


The Glory of Groundcover Plants
There is a wide array of options available in groundcover plants that create a beautiful carpet of fall color. From lovely shades of cranberry to dazzling reds, purples and orange your landscape can be breathtaking with a ceiling of fall leaves hovering over a blanket of brilliant color below.


Use Evergreens
A variety of evergreen trees planted around the edge of your yard are great for year-round privacy. The deep green colors also provide a beautiful backdrop for other shrubs, trees, and flowers that can show off brilliant fall colors. 


Repetition of Plant Accent Shapes
Repetition of a particular plant shape is an easy way to build a theme in your landscape. If you have tall white pines or tall blue spruces in your yard, you can repeat that tall columnar shape with decorative columns or a tall trellis. Conversely, if you have smaller, round shrubbery, that shape can be repeated with large decorative boulders, round-shaped vases, or of course, pumpkins!


To Pumpkin? Or Not to Pumpkin?
Autumn classics like pumpkins and gourds in shades of orange, green and cream are always fun to decorate with in the fall. Corn stalks and haystacks have their place too. You can go overboard with these fall beauties and have fun, or strategically place just a few in your landscape for a more subtle or elegant look - it depends on your own personality!


Create Screen Views
When you block views with large shrubs and small trees and can’t see the entire yard from one spot, you create depth and mystery in your landscape and the sense that your garden goes on and on. This brings a depth of interest and wonder to your landscape design.


Layers Create a Natural Look
Create a garden of interest and a natural flow for the eye with plants in a variety of heights. Instead of planting a bed of flowers where everything grows to the same height, choose plants that grow to varying heights including taller shrubbery and perhaps a tree. This allows you to get more plants and colors into a small area and creates a natural feeling landscape design.


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