Spring is here - so plenty of people are getting their landscaping plans in order. If you haven’t already considered mulch for your yard, you may want to. A mulch is any material, organic or inorganic, that is placed on top of the soil in a garden or landscape. Mulching is one of the most beneficial practices a homeowner can implement for better tree and plant health and it is an essential component of low-maintenance landscapes.

Weed Control
Weeds will quickly fill in unplanted areas and any open ground around plants if left unattended. Mulch spread over the soil surface blocks the sunlight most annual weeds need to take hold. Weeds that do sprout are easy to pull because soil beneath mulch remains loose and moist. Coarse chipped or shredded bark is a good choice for large areas between trees and shrubs because it decomposes slowly and won’t easily blow away. For paths, a thick layer of sawdust provides good weed suppression because it depletes nitrogen in the soil.

Moisture Retention
Moisture is lost in a variety of ways. Evaporation of moisture from soils accounts for a large portion of moisture loss on hot, windy days. This can drastically affect the amount of water needed to effectively hydrate your plants. One way to retain moisture in the soil is by applying two to four inches of mulch on planting beds. Mulch acts as an insulator, keeping roots of the plants at a constant temperature.

Soil Erosion Prevention
Covering the bare areas in a lawn or garden with mulch is an effective method for preventing erosion from wind and rain. Mulch spread over the surface of the soil reduces the impact of raindrops striking the soil and covers it from the wind. Soil that is exposed to high winds may require a heavier form of mulch made from rock to prevent it from shifting in the wind.

Curb Appeal
It’s amazing the transformation you can make with a little mulch! By just adding a small layer of mulch to the dirt surrounding plants and trees, you give your landscaping a fresh appearance. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to instantly make a yard look cleaner and more polished.

Mulch is an easy way to improve the look and health of your yard and garden beds. Just make sure to choose the right materials and lay it down properly to reap the many benefits.

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