The privacy from a fence can make a huge difference for your backyard. When aesthetics comes in to play, put your creativity to the test, and let nature meet functionality with a beautiful nature-inspired fence. Read below for some planting ideas on how to spruce up your fence!

Natural Fence Ideas 

  • Wood Lattice Panels: Wood lattice panels aren’t any ordinary natural fence, they create privacy and add design to your yard. Architectural designs can be as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Intertwine vines and other greenery throughout the fence for a more natural feel. 
  • Privet Hedge Fences: Hedges will provide the most amount of privacy with it’s thick and luscious green bushes. 50 different types of shrubs and small trees can go under the label of a privet hedge fence. However, they’re all dense and tall foliage that can be shaped into unique designs. Whether you want a tall or long fence, a privet hedge will do the trick year round. Unlike a lot of trees, hedges can last all year long and provide more privacy than a tree could all together. 
  • Evergreens: Evergreens, like junipers, can create as much privacy as a hedge can. This is because they’re tall, sometimes wide, and can take up to 40 feet. The prickly, thick, leaves of evergreen could be exactly what your property line needs. 
  • Lilacs: Create a gorgeous botanical barrier, with this sweet-smelling flower. Vibrant hues of purple will liven up your backyard. Turn your yard into an oasis. 

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