Bulbs are an inexpensive and easy way to boost your landscape with amazing color throughout spring and into summer. Flowering bulbs use a reserve of energy and food as they develop roots, leaves, and flowers while naturalizing and growing into colorful displays. Gardens everywhere can benefit from perennial bulbs because of their self-sustaining annual splendor.

One of the most popular reasons bulbs are so loved is their ease of use. Nearly all bulbs come ready to be planted and aren’t very picky about the soil they grow in. Try them in pots, under trees and even in your lawn for fun and unique summer ground cover or a flourish of spring color.

Nothing says spring like a yellow mound of daffodils, a bed of colorful tulips or a spread of purple Crocus. Springs rainy days are brightened when spring flowers begin peaking through the ground. Some spring-blooming favorites to try are:

  • Snowdrops have dainty white flowers in early spring and naturalize well in wooded areas, rock gardens, and informal landscapes.
  • Crocus’ flowers are purple, yellow and white. They naturalize in perennial gardens, beneath shrubs or even in a lawn, adding color to grey spring days.
  • Daffodils always provide a dependable display of early spring color.
    Tulips come in a wide variety of colors which complement other spring blooming favorites like bleeding heart, primroses, and violas.
  • Hyacinths also come in a variety of colors that mix charmingly with daffodils and tulips and are perfect in pots.
  • Allium comes in a variety with huge purple globe flower heads and can bridge the gap between late spring bulbs and early summer perennials.
  • Dutch Iris’ are loved for their rich color and graceful form.
  • Muscari or Grape Hyacinths have cobalt bluebells that open slowly so the flowers last for weeks. Muscari looks great mounded alone or among tulips and daffodils, beneath trees, in flower beds or containers and naturalize well.

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