No one will argue that a well-cared-for lawn can make a yard look appealing. Yet, landscaping is about much more than yard maintenance. The right landscape design will transform an ordinary yard into an enchanting retreat while minimizing the impact human activities have on the surrounding environment. While adding a few potted plants can significantly help improve the way a yard looks, the value and significance of true landscape design lies far beyond aesthetic improvements.

Secures Surroundings
Erosion and flooding are a risk in every yard. A good landscape design plan will work to prevent erosion, especially in steep areas, with the use of retaining walls. It will also direct stormwater and runoff to a designated drainage area, diverting the water away from your home and outdoor living space. Retaining walls can be both attractive and functional, keeping the soil where it belongs, while also providing a nice framework for plants and sculptures.
Establishes Comfort
If you have a large property, it can be difficult to create private areas where your neighbors cannot see in. Landscape design makes it possible to break up even an above-average sized yard into secluded, yet inviting, areas. The right design can create an outdoor living room framed by trees or shrubs to block out the noise of the neighborhood and cultivate a feeling of being out in nature.

Reduces Pollutants
Landscape design allows you to embrace nature in a manicured and predictable way, but the plants themselves have other benefits. Adding rich amounts of foliage can improve the air quality around your home. Plants absorb harmful pollutants and chemicals, purifying the air without the use of electricity or machinery. Landscape designs can be as feature-rich as you wish, but the more plants you have, the more pollutants they’ll absorb.

Though improving your home’s curb appeal or resale value is a benefit of a good landscape design, the true benefit lies in the integrity of your landscaping, the way your yard is transformed, and the enjoyment you receive from spending time in the yard.

If you are looking to create a unique outdoor living space, or simply liven up your existing landscape, let the designers at A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design work with you to create the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. From garden walls and plantings, to brick patios and outdoor kitchens, we use only the best materials and always guarantee our work. For more information on how to beautify your yard with landscape design, please visit our website, or call 847.224.2167.