Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to prepare for a lush green lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors! The goal of spring lawn care is to provide your grass with the nutrients needed to grow, prevent disease, and withstand the summer heat. This means healthy soil, weed and pest control, fertilizing, and proper mowing practices. 

Simple Steps for a Lush Lawn

Do Some Spring Cleaning

The first step in preparing your lawn for spring is to clean up the dead leaves, branches, and other debris gathered over the winter. This prevents soil compaction, which prevents air, moisture, and nutrients from absorbing adequately into your lawn. Once all the debris is picked up, use a leaf rake or air blower to remove the dead grass; using a mower can damage your lawn.

Apply Weed Treatments

Early in the spring, apply a pre-emergent herbicide to help control weeds, including crabgrass and dandelions. Then, re-apply in six to eight weeks, along with a broadleaf weed killer. A little prevention now will ensure that weeds don’t germinate and overrun your lawn this summer. 

Feed Your Grass

Apply a balanced, solid granular fertilizer to get your lawn off to a healthy start. Next, perform a soil test to determine the necessary nutrients your lawn needs. Improving soil quality is crucial to a healthy lawn and garden. In six to eight weeks, spread another application. You can apply weed treatments and fertilizer simultaneously to reduce application time. 

Service Your Mower

Give your lawnmower tune-up by sharpening the mower blade to start the season off right. A sharp blade ensures it severs instead of tears your grass, resulting in a lush green lawn rather than one with ragged brown tips. If your mower needs more than a tune-up, then consider investing in a new one.

Mow Your Lawn

Now that your mower is tuned-up, you can cut your grass for the first time this season. However, don’t wait until your lawn grows too high. Grass stores energy in the blade, so cutting too much off causes it to dry out and turn yellow, which will stunt the roots so your lawn can’t reproduce properly. Weather permitting, aim to mow every five days for the first month of spring to ensure a thicker, fuller lawn. 

Your Partner in Lawn Maintenance

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